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Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Need help finding your woggle on the site? Or Uploading your widget? Find the answers here - if they're not here. Send a question to the Junkk team and let them do the work.

Note: Until we can add boxes, please include your email address (if you wish to receive a direct reply) and your town/postcode (to help us make the answer more relevant).

To ask your own question, please fill out our FAQ Form

REGISTRATION ISSUES - Sergey, Larry... and me

REGISTRATION ISSUES - Sergey, Larry... and me

About Us

What is Junkk.com about?

Ideas - Suggesting

Can I use Food/Liquid for Ideas that Use for example, Fabric Conditioner Bottles?
How to write my titles
Image File Type and Size

Jobs at Junkk.com

Are there any job vacancies at Junkk.com?


Can I donate Food on JunkkYard?
How do I delete stuff from the Junkk Yard?

Local Info Page

How to use the A-Z?
How to view Local Info or info by Category
I can't find anything on my local info pages
I can't find anything on my local info pages still

Newsletters and Updates from Junkk.com

AOL Mail
Freeserve/Wanadoo Mail
Google Mail
I can't see the images on the newsletter
Spam Filters
Why Haven't I Received any Newsletters or updates?
Yahoo Mail

Recycling / Recycled Products - where can I?

Composting - Kitchen Caddies
Computer Recycling in Wokingham
Polystyrene Recycling
Tyre Recycling in Dunsford, Exeter
Where can I buy recycled garden planters?


How can I unregister my details?
I am getting an error message
I have problems uploading?
I have registered but not received your email
I have registered but still I can't log in
Using more than one username
What is a postcode/zip code?
Who will be able to register?
Why should I need to register?

Site Navigation

How to navigate the website?

Website layout/view

The text on my screen disappears or is too small


About banner and skyscraper advertising
How do I know if someone is interested in my junk?
What shouldn't be listed on Junkk.com?
Where to start trying to make a difference

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