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Who will be able to register?

Anyone. But we do have two main categories. Category one is the public at large. Category two, which you will see in the registration page, is for corporations, from small businesses to large companies who may have substantial amounts of data to share. With corporate sign up, we would need more information such as their url and addresses.


The sytem is not yet as we'd wish. This Q&A with an overseas reader will hopefully explain why, and what to do for now. Bear with us:)


You don't have to be local to use Junkk.com, but it certainly helps.

Q: I can assure you my first attempt at a post code was valid however it seems despite you being all over the world it is still a necessary requirement for a UK residential address to register which to say the least seems a bit odd. Are your ideas exclusively for UK residents? So much for helping the planet!! I will try again bending the rules - just for you.

A: As a free site still funded (as opposed to a few govt/quango efforts that are waaaay less use and a loooooots less fun) by private individuals (hoping for ad revenue soon to see a return on our investment, though helping our kids' future is almost reward enough. Mind you, it would be nice to get some dough soon to help paying for their Xmas prezzies), and doing a bit more than most to saving the planet, I would ask you to cut us a little bit of slack. There are no rules really, just some registration stuff we have to do to protect ourselves, Junkk.com users and brands on the site from those few online little tinkers who try to abuse the opportunity. Spammers. Guys with black helos. Grannies with Mac-coffees and the like.
Our apologies that you felt misled. Understandable, but not odd as we had no clue (Happens a lot. Mostly nice to know we're being featured... eventually... but it can be a problem if things like this happen. We do wish the media would get in touch first to explain what we're trying to do) we were featured.

Sorry you felt inconvenienced, but we did think we'd adequately explained the situation on our sign-up page and the FAQs

We are currently looking into updating the postcode system on Junkk.com, as it does not now recognize even all UK postcodes, thanks to the frequent changes made by the postal service since we obtained the original collection. At the moment we can't afford the fee to upgrade, much less enabling anything international. Any suggestions?

It's not ideal, so for the time being we recommend that you register using a postcode nearest to you that works (mainly UK mainland, so you could get info nearer a relative/mate's area) or HR9 (where we are based, and has the most comprehensive demo of all the features) and we will contact you again, probably via the newsletter once the postcode facility has been updated.

Thank you for your continued patience, rule bending and good humour.

Ideas are by and for all. It's in a good cause.

Author/Source: Main Admin

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