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Using more than one username

Anita from Monmouth asks: 'Just a boring techical point - I wanted to register as a corporate and personal user, but had to use two different usernames. It would be easier if I could use the same one.'

Junkk.com team: 'We did it this way because in many cases we have to adopt a best practice option based on the maximum users as we don't...yet..have the resources to 'tune' people's registrations on a case by case basis.

In your case you live and work from the same place. And you are your company. Most, we figure, will not live where they work, and in any case will be representing their company. Hence as a corporate user you may be interested in what's going on (bins, collections, etc) in the area you live AND ALSO where you work, but will mainly be signing on the get access to your content management page, which is not available to the public.

There will also be a difference in the nature of mailouts we will eventually send depending on whether you are a business partner or 'reader'.

There may be overlaps to be sure. And I can see how having to register twice is a pain in your case, but I don't see a way around it.

Hope that helps!

Author/Source: Junkk Team

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