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Are there any job vacancies at Junkk.com?

We are currently looking for editorial Picto-Journalistic Partners. Junkk.com involves stories, pictures and illustrations with an enviro-recycling theme from around the country. We need to establish contacts with locally based photojournalists to provide regular news and editorial content.. Non-media professionals are also welcome to apply.

We can also provide work experience for students looking for experience within this field.
Click on the link below for further information:
Work Experience Opportunities

And we're still very keen to make contact with any and all individuals and organisations who may be able to help, take advantage or take part, including:

1) Funding Support/Advice

2) Research/Marketing

3) Environmental Bodies

4) Recycling Organisations

5) Community Groups

6) Government, Local Gov & NGOs

7) Businesses, large and small, international and local.

Please contact:

Author/Source: Junkk Team

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