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Freeserve/Wanadoo Mail

Incorrectly tagged emails can be reported in the following way. Log on to your Wanadoo/Freeserve account. Click on your spam folder. Click on the Junkk.com email to open, and then click on the 'Mark as Not Spam' button. You will then see a page asking if you '...wish to add this sender to your approved list?' Click on 'Add to my approved list'.
The incorrectly tagged email will be sent to Wanadoo for review. If you report a tagged email from your Webmail junk mail folder, the email will be moved to your inbox automatically.
Alternatively, just add us to your 'Approved list' before you register with Junkk.com. For further information check out:
Freeserve/Wanadoo Help

Author/Source: Admin

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