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Computer Recycling in Wokingham

BIG 'ED Emma has answered this question from someone living in Wokingham who wants to recycle their computer...

Hi! Trying to find somewhere to take a broken PC monitor & printer. Wokingham, Berkshire. No luck so far.

Computer recycling in the UK is a bit of a nightmare of consumers. Unfortunately my research didn't come up with a perfect solution, but I do have some suggestions that you could try out:

Computer Save
www.computersave.co.uk is based in London but they do cover some parts of Berkshire (I have sent them an email asking if they cover your postcode but they have yet to respond). Although I do believe they may only pick up computers from organisations, it is worth finding out if they will make exceptions. They can be contacted on 0208 2881057 or

Wokingham District Council
- Wokingham District Council may take your computer and printer away at a cost of 17.30 per item. Again I have contacted them (am awaiting response) asking if they will take computers (their website only says IT equipment, which could mean anything). They can be contacted on 0800 838 878 or waste.services@wokingham.gov.uk

Recycling for Charities
This organisation doesn't explain on the website if they are willing to take broken PCs from individuals, but again it is worth a call. They are based in Sussex, so if you were to give them your computer, you will most likely be asked to have it sent to them and pay for the cost. They can be contacted on 01323 840641 or

Dell Computer Recycling
Dell Recycling
If you are planning on buying a new Dell computer, they are willing to take your old computer (any manufacturer) to be recycled or refurbished. If the computer you already have is also a Dell, they will recycle it, free of charge too. The Dell HQ for the UK is based in Berkshire, and has computer-recycling days which people can take their old computers to them to be recycled. Keep an eye out for this in your local newspaper/press.

Freecycle Wokingham
I'm not sure if you have heard of Freecycle, but it is an organisation that originally started out in America, which quickly spread to other parts of the world. Freecycle is extremely popular, and many regions in the UK has a Freecycle group. You could join your local Freecycle group and post your computer on there (see link above for Wokingham Freecycle). Someone who likes to repair PC's may take it off your hands. Junkk.com also has this facility, check out in the link below:
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