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Composting - Kitchen Caddies

BIG 'ED Emma has answered this question from someone interested in kitchen composting caddies...

Where can I buy kitchen composters? These are the ones that you put your rubbish in whilst in the kitchen before tipping out onto the compost.

As I don't know the size of you kitchen or where abouts you live, I have provided a range of online sources to give you a few options. Many UK shops sell kitchen caddies, and so do many
councils. Many councils give discounts so call your local council and see if they have anything to offer. Please see below for more details:

The Green Gardener
This company sells kitchen caddies from 9.99 upwards which are airtight and smell free which can pop in your kitchen. Check out the website below. (You need to scroll down the homepage to view the kitchen caddies)

Recycle Works
There is also this kitchen caddy from RecycleWorks which looks slightly bigger:

Wiggly Wigglers

Organic Catalogue
Sells kitchen caddies in two sizes:

Natural Collection

Many kitchen caddies are green. And plastic. And don't look very stylish. If you are conscious of having a stylish kitchen and still do your bit for the environment, I would suggest that you could use a duel use bin, which comes in stainless steel. Here are some examples below. As some of these aren't designed for exclusively for kitchen scraps you may want to change the bags on a more regular basis, and these bins tend to cost a bit more too.

Home Recycling

The Laundry Company
Kitchen Recycling bins from the Laundry Company:

Author/Source: Admin

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