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Polystyrene Recycling

Firstly, may we take this opportunity to request that with such questions it would help if you let us know your email address so we can get back in touch, for example to ask you where you are located. Such information can often allow us to be specific to your area.

Our replies can also be structured to help not just you, but to add to the community knowledge base.

So another good place is the Forum section, where you don't just get the benefits of our experience and contacts, but also that of the Junkk.com community.

Now... polystyrene. We have our own article on it, and a thought is getting in touch with the few contacts there who make stuff out of it (if there are more, if you are one or know of one... tell us! There are others who do occur to us, such as Remarkable, who may be interested, but as with all thing 're', it's down to the logistics of collection). Sadly, they may not be keen.

Another promising area is to add yourself to the local A-Z and all you need for this is register as an organisation with an offer of such materials.

Sadly, not many people do seem to have a use, though there must be plenty, such as packing stuff (keen eBayers in the area?). Try the Junkk.com search to get to Ideas and see what people have suggested.

There are sites such as Wasteonline who do have some info, but not much matchmaking. Some councils can collect such materials, but often not from tarde and if so they will charge. This could be an interesting document for your situation.

Now there are a few organisations worth checking such as EPS, who have this interesting initiative, though it is area restricted. Their section on recycling does show a wider range. Or EIC, which looks promising, though area specific again.

Finally, why not try JunkkYard? You have something that's going to waste... list it! The reuse stays local and creates a community interaction. Adding pictures would help people see potential.

Author/Source: Admin

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