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REGISTRATION ISSUES - Sergey, Larry... and me

This piece* is an attempt to explain the current problems, reasons, etc, with our less-than perfect registration sytem, especially for those who seek to engage in other countries

Let's start with some good news. We're finding our site is being written about, talked about and shown more and more, often beamed globally and telling the world about us, we truly hope in glowing terms (we could wish they'd tell us, or better yet ask a few questions first to make sure they understand us and explain everything in context, but hey). We're guessing so, because we end up having a lot of new sign-ups as a consequence.

Most are now sitting in our database, able to use almost all (we'll come back to this, too) of our facilities, and now capable (if they have tuned their SPAM filter) of getting our newsletter.

But a few had a poor experience, and for this we are truly sorry. And some wrote in, for which we are truly grateful, because they cared enough to do so.

Their grievances were/are legitimate, and we are aware of all and try and address them as best we can.

They fall into these areas:


A lady in the US successfully sued McDonalds because the coffee she stuck between her thighs to drive away with was not labeled as hot, and it was a surprise when it scalded her when she braked.

We can't afford such litigation. And we won't attract sponsor data or ideas if they can run a similar risk.

Plus, on top of everything, our content is user-generated, so we cannot be on top of it all, all of the time (especially as we're low on munchkin support). We rely on being told of an abuse, and getting to it asap.

So when a Junkk user emulates a reuse concept with a Coke can and tin snips, that's between them and the A&E surgeon's skill in getting the pinky sown back on. But we have tried wherever possible to put in warnings.

We have also tried to comply with all the very latest data protection stuff. Opt-ins, rather than outs. We can't see what more we can do. The site is free (but stay so does need funding from somewhere, such as showing advertisers we have an audience), the options to use it are clear and voluntary (not coming back being one). We would hope that those who do see our value would support us by allowing our commercial model to kick in using their traffic and eyeballs. We don't see an occasional ad or better yet offer about some green product/service being too onerous. And there is always the unsubscribe button.


The site was dreamt up in the UK. It was created here. It is run here. One nifty feature we put in from the outset was a localisation feature, so we could matchmake information from one area with folk who may be interested in that same area - JunkkYard, news, products, services.

No way of knowing where you are... no can do.

We specified the site, and to an extent designed it. But in so doing also took a lot of (very expensive) advice from consultants in doing so. Guys who work for eBay, Amazon, etc.

Our registration is based on these systems. A few key facts are asked, and then a very common security system kicks in.

An email goes back to 'your' email to make sure 'you' are 'you'. Which you then confirm, with a password. That way we know who we are dealing with (no spammers trying to access our system) and you know we are looking after your best interests.

Sometimes firewalls and filters intercept this and there's not much we can do to help that. So we have polite reminder to find out if you really did want to register or not. 999 out of 1000 say 'yes'.


Like so much in life, it really boils down to money.

Money to pay for the postcode (we looking at 1000 to upgrade the UK alone)/zipcode/ozcode/bundescode/barcode data for the countries. Money to handle the admin of coordinating the flood of issues that would result (imagine getting a question from Tulsa or Woolagong or Narita asking where the local blue glass collection is? We do, still, try to answer), though we are trying to make this all as community and self-help based as we can. But country/county/state coordinators are in the plan and if anyone wants to volunteer... (for now, we do believe in re:ward for re:use, so if you make us money, we'll happily share, once it kicks in).

Or, if you do know of any like-minded folks in your country who might be interested in partnering/franchising this project, we would be most delighted to be in touch with them.

And money to evolve the site to cope. Servers. Finding stuff out. Calling people to check. Buying things to review. And uploading it all.

Professional programmers are not cheap. They hire Linda Evangelista to get them out of bed (which she famously claimed she would not do for less than 10k) to tweak some code.

One day, a major marketer - or two, or three... - will take out a dirty great big banner ad on our site, or sponsor our newsletter to reach you, our audience, to sell their second use pack, hybrid car, rechargeable battery, etc. And on that day we'll pay the Royal Mail, the US Postal Service, Deutsche Post, etc for their codes, and get Linda E to stop hitting the snooze button and roust the SQL whizz from his or her slumbers.

But first, when we have a mo', to do it quicker we'll see if they'd like to donate a freebie to the cause. What are the odds? Can't get if you don't ask. Anyone know who to write to in your country?

*Adapted from a blog written by creator/founder & Junkk Male Peter, whose fault it all is

Author/Source: Admin

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