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About Community

Do Try This At Home.

* JunkkYard - a great way to post items that you may no longer need, but may be just what someone next door is looking for.

* Forum - tap into the collective knowledge and experience of the whole Junkk.com community locally, nationally and... all around the world!

Next door or around the globe, via our Forums and beyond, we're creating a community for exchanges of information and ideas on how to "save the planet", not to mention opportunities to actually keep still useful stuff out of the skip or landfill in your area.

We hope you'll get involved with your community - and the whole Junkk.com community - very soon via our simple registration, which will open up the rest of the site to you.

Main Features

Just click on the headings below (or top of the nav bar to the left, which can often lead to even more choices):

JunkkYard - Maybe someone near you needs some space and is getting rid of a used, but still useful item? Meanwhile you are looking for just such an item! Or vice versa - Bingo! You can browse the JunkkYard to see what's on offer. But to accept or offer anything, you'll need to register and log in first.

Forum - Say hi, ask questions, share your views or provide your solutions on things green... and pleasant (or maybe, sometimes, not so)!

Ideas - If you can think of any reuse ideas, suggest them here.

Something more local?
As a lot of this concerns things closer to home, don't forget to also check out the local section as well for an A - Z list of recycling solutions, shops with re:related goods and/or services, plus of course news round your way. Visit our Local/A-Z section here.


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