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Waste? NOT!

* Your best buddies for environmental stuff.

* Sharing friendly advice and ideas on anything 're' (re:duce, re:use, re:pair, re:cycle, etc) with the ultimate goal of helping save the planet.

* We are independent, champion choice and answer only to ourselves and the public we aim to serve.

* Access the full value of the site by registering FREE - with a few simple details (name, email, 1st block of postcode)... and you'll be signedup and ready to surf right away!

Junkk.com is your Environmental Mate.
We want to be your best buddies on all things Environmental and 'RE:' (that's reduce, repair, reuse, recycle...etc). We aim to provide friendly advice and knowledge like a mate would, rather than dictate to you as a nanny who knows best.

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We would like you also to become part of our community and give us your views and ideas. Even the smallest of contributions can make a BIG difference, and would be encouraged and valued to help 'save the planet'. Plus a few other things along the way, like time, effort and money! We want to make this possible without requiring you to sacrifice your lifestyle, and still feel really good about it afterwards. By putting the re:ward into re:everything!

And you can trust us to be honest. If we don't have an answer, we'll say so, and then we'll go and find it out for you. Or invite you along to help us help you help others! Junkk.com is very proactive and largely driven by individuals contributions and feedback.

For more information about us, read
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Core Idea - Our main objective
The Content - Other equally important features of the website
The Seed - How it all began??
Junkk.com - In a sentence
Media Section - What the press thinks of it all
Testamonials - What some other nice folk say
The Junkk Team - the brains and the beauties behind it all


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