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About Answers

We Can Probably Tell You Where To Stick It... (in a nice way)!

* Wondering where a PETE bottle goes? Or even what it is?

* Or what some piece of enviro-jargon means; why things happen a certain way? Or, sometimes, why not?

* Even if we don't have an answer to your question.. ask us! We're all learning here.

* If we know we'll tell you - in terms you'll understand. And if we don't we'll just go and find out from an expert and share the answer - still in terms you'll understand.

Kinda does what it says in the headline. If you have a question, this is a very good place to start!

We keep on top of the latest news and information and post it daily. But we don't stop there. Ask and if we know we'll tell you. If we don't, we'll say so and try to find out for you!

So write us via feedback with any questions you have about this website or environmental or 're:' issues.

You might like first to visit our Forum page or FAQ on the left hand menu to see if you can find what you need already there.

There's also a wealth of information on our general articles page that could provide you with some in-depth facts, figures and links on what you're interested in.

Main Features

Just click on the headings below (or top of the nav bar to the left, which can often lead to even more choices):

FAQ - If it has been asked before, here's where it is.
Feedback - Better yet, if it hasn't been asked yet... be the first!
Forums - A great place to pose a question... or offer a solution if you know it!

The Horse's Mouth

Can't Wait? Look up there top right...

Site Search - it's quirky at times, but you'll be surprised how often it gets you straight to where you want to go.

We hope you'll get involved with your community - and the whole Junkk.com community - by participating in features such as the Forum very soon, and just ask that you first complete our simple registration, which will open up a whole lot more of the site to you.


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