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Energy Saving (Daylight) Bill

The Energy Saving (Daylight) Bill is scheduled to have its second reading in the House on 26 January 2007. The purpose of this Private Member's Bill is to allow a trial of single/double summer time (SDST), which would involve moving clocks forward by one hour throughout the year so that in the summer the time would be British Summer Time + 1 hour and in the winter it would be Greenwich Mean Time + 1 hour
While the main outcome of the Bill will be to reduce the demand for electricity by 3%, thereby cutting carbon emissions and reducing climate change, there are other significant benefits to the UK from undertaking this move. The move to SDST will also be of considerable benefit to the UK tourism industry, Research by the Policy Studies Institute in 1993 estimated that moving to SDST would increase tourism-related earnings by 1bn (approx 3bn in today's terms).

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