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Action Aid Recycling

Every year over 2 million printer cartridges are buried in UK landfill sites. On average most people change their mobile phone every 18 months. At the same time 1 billion other people around the world are still living in extreme poverty.
Address: 14 Kingsland Trading Estate
St Philips Road
Postcode: BS2 0JZ
Telephone: 0845 3100200
Email: vaughna@aarecycling.org.uk
Web Address: http://www.actionaidrecycling.org.uk
Contact name: Vaughn Atkinson (Mr)

How can I help?

You can help ActionAid Recycling to reduce this waste by allowing them to collect your empty printer, photocopier and fax cartridges (toner and ink) along with all your unwanted mobile phones (whether you are a business, an organisation or an individual) from anywhere in the UK - completely free of charge. Your waste can then help to reduce poverty because ActionAid Recycling pays the profits from collected and sold cartridges and phones to ActionAid; one of the UK's largest overseas development agencies.

How do I get involved?

To get involved simply phone or email and ask to register. We'll then send you a free storage box for accumulating larger cartridges or Freepost envelopes for returning inkjets or mobile phones. Just 30 inkjets or lasers could pay for a doctor's monthly salary at a health clinic in Bangladesh. making a difference really is that easy.

Updated by Source: Admin
Date: 30/09/2005

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