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Ashfield Park Primary School

Ashfield Park Primary School is based in Ross-on-Wye and is very keen to promote reuse and recycling. All children are actively encouraged to take part in various educational, but fun activities to improve their awareness on such issues.
Address: Redhill Road
Postcode: HR9 5AU
Telephone: 01989 562738
Email: admin@ashfieldpark.hereford.sch.uk
Contact name: Mrs Hines (Mrs)

What recycling facilities do we currently provide?

We are currently encouraging pupils to recycle their ink jet printer cartridges by bringing their empty cartridges to school and putting them in the collection box provided.

But What are Ink Cartridges?

These cartridges are filled with ink, which is used to print. What most people don't know is that these cartridges are recyclable. Most end up in the bin, but they can actually be refilled and used again and again. By refilling and reusing, this helps the environment.

What do I need to do?

All you need to do is pop the cartridge in a plastic bag or the original packaging, take them to school and put them in the collection bin provided. These will get taken away for recycling. For every cartridge that gets collected, the company who collects them - Alphastream International Ltd, will donate up to 2 for each cartridge depending on the type of cartridges collected - to the school.

Updated by Source: Junkk Admin
Date: 21/04/2005

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